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Over the years we are finding more homeowners in Calgary are looking into installing garage heaters. Shift Air Mechanical Ltd specializes in garage heater installation at affordable prices and great service. When it comes to the actual garage heater unit, there are a few options that are available and speaking with one of our Calgary garage heater technicians is good place to start. There are many possible reasons why someone would want to have a garage heater and these are a few which we have seen.

  • Turning your garage into a workout gym
  • Some people put their laundry room into the garage freeing up more space inside the home
  • Some people turn their garage into a workshop and may need to work all year round
  • We have see some garages converted into play area for the kids
  • Turning the garage into living space for family, friends or even pets

Once we know more about the reason why you want to install a garage heater we can guide you in the right direction of which garage heater might be the best one to meet your needs. Our Calgary  garage heater technicians are some of the best and most knowledgeable in the industry so please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about garage heaters or if you would like to get a free quote. 

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 Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. is a locally owned and  operated company in Calgary Alberta. We are a full HVAC  service and maintenance company who also specializes in garage heaters and  outdoor patio heaters. We provide free estimates in Calgary for our garage  heaters installation and any of our service which you might require. All off  our work is completed on time and  within a reasonable budget.

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As garage heating experts here in Calgary we  know and understand the importance of your heating and cooling units. We’ve  been handling residential and commercial garage heaters in Calgary since 2009,  so you’re looking for a heating specialist in Calgary to install your  garage heater or outdoor patio heater please give Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. a call!


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